The Dumpling Lady near Alexan Optimist Park

The Dumpling Lady near Alexan Optimist Park

Everyone loves a Cinderella story. What began as a humble food truck, The Dumpling Lady has a prestigious slot in the brand new Optimist Food Hall. Get your fill of spicy Szechuan steamed dumplings made with the same love and care that you found on four wheels. You can find this same level of care in your new home at Alexan Optimist Park, luxury apartment homes. Set in vibrant Optimist Park, here you can wrap yourself in luxury apartment features that make life easier. Choose the floorplan you love. Each layout speaks to your enjoyment. Comfortable living is the name of the game when luxury surrounds you. Indoor and outdoor community amenities are perfect in any weather. These welcoming social spaces make catching up with neighbors easy. Let every weekend be laid back. Recruit your neighbors to explore Optimist Park with you. Find more neighborhood gems like The Dumpling Lady.

The Dumpling Lady

Your favorite dumplings are at your door. The Dumpling Lady enjoys a following in Charlotte. Her fans are talking. Shane R. shares, – “What started as a food truck now has a true brick and mortar and I – could – not – be – happier! These dumplings are legit, y’all! Part of the new Optimist Hall, Charlotte’s new food hall concept in the eclectic NoDa neighborhood, you will find the dumpling lady amidst an array of dining options. They offer pork, chicken, and shrimp dumplings with a nice kick of spice. You can also take purchase frozen dumplings to heat and enjoy at home. Other menu options are available, but they are clearly known for their dumplings, and I see no reason to stray. Communal tables line the hall where you can enjoy your meal with friends and family. Outdoor seating with a skyline view is available as well.”

If The Dumpling Lady starts delivery, you may never leave your luxury apartment home at Alexan Optimist Park, in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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