Find Treasures like Dandelion Market

Dandelion Market dessert

Location is the first rule of real estate – and the first rule of luxury. Discover what being in the right place means at Alexan Optimist Park, luxury apartment homes. Your lifestyle is defined by more than what you do at home. Find treasures like Dandelion Market only steps from your door. Other Charlotte gems are just minutes away. Go where the adventure takes you. Home is always waiting with luxury apartment features that make life easier. Every layout is inviting and perfect for parties, no matter how many bedrooms you choose. Share your good fortune with friends. Meet up in luxury community amenities and make your long weekends count. Socializing should always be stress-free. Whether you prefer indoor or outdoor fun, you will love every mingle area. Each space is also perfect for catching some me-time, so feel free to explore. The life you have been chasing is here.

Dandelion Market

Finding a hidden gem is as exciting as it sounds. Especially secret treasures like Dandelion Market near Alexan Optimist Park. They have their fans too. Jodi M. shares on Yelp, “Wow! Couldn’t be happier with our choice to come here. We are a family of four with very different food preferences…we had the hummus, ahi tuna, falafel, fried Brie with apples, steak skewers, chicken wings, Mac and cheese, shrimp and grits, sweet potato gnocchi and the stuffed poblano. I am not exaggerating when I say we all loved what we had. My son said the steak was unreal, he ordered a second serving. My husband said the chorizo stuffed pepper was his favorite…The ahi tuna was perfect. And because we are on vacation we also got dessert, salted Carmel brownie sundae… it was ridiculous. Honestly, we are considering going back again, even though we are only visiting a few days.”

Find treasures like Dandelion Market near Alexan Optimist Park, luxury apartment homes in Charlotte, NC. The lifestyle you have been chasing lives here.