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Convenience and Care in Our Charlotte Apartment Community

Sometimes a little help can go a long way, whether it’s from someone who opened the door for you while your hands were full, a shortcut that trims five minutes away from your morning commute to work, or even a shot of espresso during your drowsiest afternoon hours. Here at Alexan Optimist Park, we make sure that all our luxury apartment residents feel right at home, thanks to our welcoming apartment community and stellar selection of amenities.

First of all, no longer do you have to worry about packages that go missing from your front door after they’re delivered, nor do you have to rush to the office on your lunch break to pick them up. We have secure package lockers that can be accessed all day long, giving you peace of mind just in time for the holiday season to come...

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Universal Comforts in Our Charlotte Apartments

The best homes you can find are the ones in which you enjoy at any time: whether you’re wanting to take on some extra work projects away from the office cubicle, you’re inviting loved ones over for a vivacious...

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Charlotte Den Apartments

Westinghouse: Comfort in Our Charlotte Den Apartments

We get it: sometimes having one bedroom, or maybe even two bedrooms is not enough. You need the extra space to play around with, to get your creative juices flowing, and to feel more at home. Thankfully, you’re in...

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Creepy Cinema Classics in Charlotte

Everyone has their own favorite horror or holiday movie to watch on Halloween, whether it reflects some of their deepest fears, it holds a lot of humor that doesn’t lose its steam – intentional or otherwise, or if it has some sort of nostalgic connection to them. True, you can easily watch the horror classics from our luxury apartments at Alexan Optimist Park, but we also have a great...

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Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance in Optimist Park

When the lines between working hours and personal hours begin to blur, you need the right sanctuary to rebalance your lifestyle. Make your move to Alexan Optimist Park and reestablish ownership over your downtime in a cultivated luxury apartment home. Discover pure joy wrapped in luxury apartment features that cater to your tastes and make your life easier. Work-life balance is easier when...

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