A Train Ride to Remember near Charlotte

Whether you grew up reading the classic children’s book, or you watched the film multiple times in your youth, The Polar Express is an unforgettable Christmas story with themes about belief and the spirit of the holiday in each frame or illustration. True, you can always pop open the book or turn on the DVD player every Christmas Eve, but our luxury apartments at Alexan Optimist Park give you an opportunity that takes you one step further into the magic of the story, right from the comfort of home.

The NC Transportation Museum is currently hosting a special Polar Express Train Ride, perfect for holiday enthusiasts or those who love the original story. Currently, the event will run every day from December 12th to the 22nd leading up to Christmas Day, so there are several opportunities to step into another realm of magic. Families are encouraged to arrive in their coziest pajamas and hop on the iconic Polar Express, which features an overall festive atmosphere and music from the film. Once the train ride starts, guests are treated with delicious hot chocolate and treats, along with a live reading off the classic story, and each guest at the end of the ride will receive one of Santa’s silver bells in order to keep the belief and memories alive for many Christmas days to come. Finally, before you leave, take a photo with Santa Claus himself or stop by the museum shop to buy all sorts or amazing gifts and souvenirs.

All aboard the Polar Express here at Alexan Optimist Park. Tour our luxury apartments in Charlotte and the NC Transportation Museum this holiday season.

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